Grades 1 - 8

  • "My students absolutely love this program! They all said they can’t wait to play when they get home. I’d say that’s a very good sign!"

    Mandy D’Alesio

    Norwin School District

  • "My fourth-grade Math kids played your program yesterday, and they loved it! Love the game! Thanks for the truly "awesome" game!"

    Dorothy Burns

    South Park Elementary Center

  • "My students are really enjoying your program - they are having so much fun that they hardly realize they are doing math!"

    Jodi Kirby

    Fort Cherry Elementary Center

  • "My class had a TOUGH time with fractions so your app is a big help. I have let my teacher friends know how awesome it is."

    David Wilson

    Okaloosa County School District

9 Fun Games, 100+ Levels

Designed by Experts
Hidden beneath the fun and addictive package of Math Planet games, is years of cutting edge Learning Science research.
Developed by experts from Carnegie Mellon University, Math Planet games are tested across hundreds of classrooms to maximise learning outcomes.
Supports 80+ Common Core Standards
Learn at Your Own Pace
We don't believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to education. That's why our state of the art Adaptive Machine Learning Technology adapts our curriculum to your child's needs!
Track Learning Progress
With Skill Tracker, it is easier than ever to monitor your child's learning progress throughout the year. Parents and Teachers get detailed feedback with our real-time reports, and alerts on which topics need their attention.
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